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Misc. Citizen is a member of the radio collective ‘misc.wav’. The ‘miscellaneous one’ and DJ Norm (AKA Swampman) started their radio show in the depths of New Zealand’s capital city, Wellington. A misc.wav show is often a tasteful mix of Drum & Bass, Footwork, Hip-Hop and many other niche sub-genres. The duo has since travelled the globe and at times reconnected to provide another mix of goodness for their listeners. Recently, misc.wav has launched as an online radio station. With a broad selection of resident DJ’s and a continuous 24/7 stream, the new misc.wav platform is bound to provide serious vibrations for the foreseeable future.

After studying and immersing himself in the Hip-Hop subcultures that exist in Japan and China (which included a stint as a resident DJ at a club in China), Misc. Citizen trekked to Europe where he continued to immerse himself in the many burgeoning sects of music culture that exist in the EU. Upon returning to New Zealand, Misc Citizen’s broad knowledge of genres and exquisite taste have only become enriched from his global ventures.

Misc. Citizen dropped off a mix laced with goodness for the second edition of our ‘Guest Mix’ series. Using his palette of varying genres, tempos and cultures, Misc. Citizen is able to craft a visceral mix which displays his ethos as ‘selecta’. Featuring: Lil Ugly Mane, Z Money, Valee, Knxwledge, Marcy Mane and so much more, Misc. Citizen’s mix is an offering which will have listeners wanting to broaden their horizons. The second instalment in our ‘Guest Mix’ series is a tone-setter. Whether you’re studying, vibin’ or working out I suggest you tune in below:

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  1. i would love it if yawl do a write up on SALEM another artist whose overarching influence on todays musical landscape runs deep, vast and mad underrated in my opinion…s/o to yawl for shedding light on the realest talents of the undaground, in a time when this talent is mostly overshadowed by forgettable industry knockoffs of the originals…ALL LOVE FAM :+)


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