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Throughout 2020 we’ve been dropping playlists weekly on Apple Music. Each playlist is a mix of forgotten gems from the past few decades. The playlist’s main focus is on proliferating the era’s of rap music that we treasure on LO-FI: The Magazine. Whether it’s a hidden 1017 Brick Squad track, an undiscovered Max B soliloquy or an unearthed Chris Travis cut from the depths of the underground. Our playlist helps demonstrate our ethos when it comes to this music shit. Outside of the grimiest, flyest and rarest Hip-Hop, genres such as: Witch house, R&B and Soul frequent our playlist series.

If you want to get in tune with LO-FI Playlist series, look out for the weekly post on Twitter, follow us on Apple Music or Spotify. It’s the perfect way to expand your musical horizons, or to revisit classics that have become lost in the frenzy of your brain. Peep a few volumes of the playlist below:

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