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Avito is an eclectic online personality with a diverse skillset. As an artist/creative Avito is practising a plethora of disciplines. He’s a Rapper, Producer, Graphic Designer, Videographer, Radio Host and Twitch Streamer (soon). Based in Wellington, New Zealand, Arigato Avito embodies the spirit of being a creative in the online era. He’s carved his own lane in the internet world with his fun-loving, vibrant aesthetic. His content is bound to put you in a feel good mood. Throughout his music career he has released a plethora of EPs, singles and mixtapes. Which include collaborations with heavy-hitters such as C. Roy and Starfoxlaflare. As he continues to sharpen his tools as a producer, videographer and streamer he’s bound to hit crescendo moments in those fields as well. Avito’s positivity, good energy and melodic stylings are infectious.

We were honoured to have Avito handle the inaugural edition of our ‘Guest Mix’ series. His mix takes us into the world of ‘Avito Radio’ and gives us a glimpse into what inspires his vibrant content. This mix features classic cuts from: Beenie Man, Lil Wayne, Mariah Carey, Inoj and so much more. It’s a classic mix of all your favourite R&B, Hip-Hop tracks from yesteryear blended with the energy of the one and only selector. It’s the perfect mix to quell your isolation woes. Tune into the mix and peep some of Avito’s catalogue below:

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