REAL HOOPERS: Antawn Jamison

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  • PF/SF
  • 6’8, 223 lbs
  • 4th Overall Pick, 1998 NBA Draft (TOR)(traded to GSW)
  • College: University of North Carolina
  • Hometown: Shreveport, Louisiana
  • Career Stats: 18.5 ppg, 7.5 reb, 1.6 ast
  • 2 x NBA All-Star
  • 2003-04 Sixth Man of the Year

Standout Seasons: 2000-01, 2002-03, 2007-08, 2008-09

  • 2000-01: 82 GP/ GS, 41.4 MPG, 24.9 PPG, 8.7 REB, 2.0 AST, 1.4 STL, 71.5 FT%, 44.2 FG%, 30 % 3PT
  • 2002-03: 82 GP/ GS, 39.3 MPG, 22.9 PPG, 7.0 REB, 1.9 AST, 0.9 STL, 78.9 FT%, 47.0 FG%, 31.1 3PT%
  • 2007-08: 79 GP/ GS, 38.7 MPG, 21.4 PPG, 10.2 REB, 1,5 AST, 1.3 STL, 76.0 FT%, 43.6 FG%, 33.9 3PT%, 1.5 3PM
  • 2008-09: 81 GP/ GS, 38.2 MPG, 22.2 PPG, 8.4 REB, 1.9 AST, 1.2 STL, 75.4 FT%, 46.8 FG%, 35.1 3PT%, 1.4 3PM

A rangy 6’8 Power Forward, Antawn Jamison could flat out score. Boasting several 20ppg seasons, the Louisiana born hooper enjoyed a prolific career in the NBA. The UNC alumni would achieve two All-Star bids and one Sixth Man of the Year Award (2003-04) during his illustrious career. He possessed a silky stroke from deep, an array of post moves and unique floaters, that allowed him to score regardless of the predicament. Selected 4th overall by the Raptors, Jamison was involved in a draft day trade with his North Carolina teammate Vince Carter. Whilst with the Warriors, Jamison would put up close to 20ppg in four of his five seasons. He was traded to the Dallas Mavericks where he spent just one season. In his lone season with the Mavericks, Jamison was utilised as a 6th Man. He would go on to achieve 6th Man of the Year honours for the 2003-04 season. Jamison was traded yet again, this time to the Wizards before the start of the 2004-05 season. In Washington, Jamison would return to his 20ppg ways and capture two All-Star berths. A stalwart during some exciting years for the Wizards, Jamison was again traded to the Cavs in the 2009-10 season. This trade was a last ditch effort from the Cavs to entice LeBron into staying with Cavaliers. As we all know, LeBron ditched Cleveland for the sunshine of South Beach. As a result Jamison had to play for the Cavs in the abysmal post-LeBron era. His numbers remained solid despite being a part of a tanking team. Jamison would end his prolific career in Los Angeles with both the Lakers and the Clippers. A soft-spoken bucket machine, Antawn Jamison is without a doubt one of LO-FI: The Magazine’s ‘Real Hoopers’. 

Peep Antawn Jamison’s ‘Real Hoopers’ Mix below:

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