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Wifigawd is one of the rap game’s most versatile and prolific artists. The Washington, DC native is constantly on his grind, releasing classic tape after classic tape. His music ranges from the new-age frenzy that underground heads crave, to the soulful and spiritual sounds of yesteryear. We had the honor of interviewing Wifi via e-mail to gain an insight into the world of the Washington Wizard. Peep his project with Hi-C ‘Underworld Order Vol.1’ and the interview below:

First off, let’s start with the basics. Who is WIFIGAWD? Where are you reppin’? And What do you bring to the rap game?

Wifigawd is the flyest, most genuine spirit to touch the mic in the last 20 years. A style coach, philanthropist, lavish lifestyle advocate and extreme Kush smoker. Born and raised in Washington, DC. I bring complete originality with a splash of classic Hip-Hop embedded in my sound.

Throughout your tenure as an artist you’ve released a plethora of projects. What projects are your favorite? And what projects would you recommend as essential listens?

My favorite project to date is ‘Underworld Order Vol.1’ with Hi-C production. It’s the most cohesive project I’ve dropped yet. But it’s still diverse in every way possible. The project is extremely unorthodox.

Are you the Jamal Crawford of the rap game?

I am definitely the Jamal Crawford of the rap game. Can’t nobody check me. You’re bound to touch the earth tryna fuck with this drip. I created my own move on the fast break.

Are you the best hooper in the underground? Who would you compare your basketball game to?

Ok on some real shit, I am definitely the best hooper in the underground. My handles go crazy like Jamal Crawford, jump shot package on Paul Pierce, Jamal Crawford layup package and ‘Melo’s triple threat package. Get with me, I’ll play anybody for the money.

Since 2014/15, you have been one of the few artists to really push real underground culture forward. How do you feel about the state of the underground currently and Who are some of your favorite artists/producers at the moment?

In my opinion there is no underground anymore. It was way different in the 2014-16 days. MF’s really cared about the art and all that dumb shit but it’s too watered down. Too many goofy ass kids, wannabe rappers and too many emo ass motherfuckers. This shit ain’t that [goofy ass kids, etc.], never was.

Some of my favorite artists right now are: Almightymansa, Judo G4L, Rudy Cash, Chanel Chachi.

My favorite producers right now are: Tony Seltzer, Gawd, Hi-C, Bigbossbutta.

What projects/collabs can fans look forward to in 2020?

Heat Check Vol.2, It’s the most important thing I’ve recorded so far. Definitely my most fire music yet. April 24 is the day, get ready for that.

Your music and fashion sense is very distinct, who were some of your inspirations/influences growing up?

Music influences: Kid Cudi, Kanye and Pharrell.

Style influences: Kid Cudi, Kanye and Pharrell.

I dress and make better music than my influences though, imagine that.

What have been some of the highlights from the past few years of your career?

I don’t got none, ’cause I ain’t got paid yet. Once I get the bag, that’ll be a highlight.

Your live shows have a reputation of being like a ‘punk-rock’ show. How would you explain the experience of a WIFIGAWD live show?

Yeah bruh that shit be lit. I’m in tune with the under, it do be like the punk scene. I’m just expressing my art on the highest level. That’s what a live set is.

Outside of creating music, what other hobbies/interests do you pursue?

It’s fuck music for real, I do that for fun. For years I’ve been plotting and just waiting for the right time to launch my clothing brand. This year might be that year. You know the vibes cuz.

Who are some of your favorite NBA players of all-time?

First and foremost, Rest In Peace to the GOAT, Kobe Bryant. My all time favorites are: Jamal Crawford (every team), JR Smith (Nuggets/Knicks), Lou Williams (Raptors), Caron Butler (Wizards), Gilbert Arenas (Wizards), Monta Ellis (Warriors), Rudy Gay (Grizzlies), Paul George (Pacers) and Paul Pierce (Celtics).

Any shout-outs/ social media plugs?

Shoutout to my Momma.

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