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Release Date: 9 November, 2010

Runtime: 29 Tracks, 94:12

Platforms: YouTube, Apple Music, Datpiff, Spotify and Soundcloud

Essential Tracks: Exhibit Based, Hugh Hefner, Bill Clinton, New York Subway

Red Flame is an essential Lil B tape. With its extremely long run-time and wide array of tracks, Red Flame is the perfect introduction to Based World. Scattered throughout the 29 tracks are some of the best songs from Lil B’s discography. We’ve collated 12 of the best songs from Red Flame for this edition of ‘Underground Gems’. Get introduced to the Based sensation or reminisce about the days where you were cooking up a storm as we analyse some of the standout tracks from Lil B’s classic ‘Red Flame’ 

I Killed Hip Hop (feat Cormega)

 Lil B is on his real Hip-Hop shit with ‘I Killed Hip Hop’. Cormega chimes with some wisdom for Lil B and his listeners. One of Lil B’s first major cosigns from a Hip-Hop legend, Cormega’s appearance on ‘I Killed Hip Hop’ is Based history. For those that rock with Lil B when he enters ‘real Hip-Hop’ mode, then this cut is the perfect jawn. A classic beat, classic flows, classic bars and a cosign from a legend. ‘I Killed Hip Hop’ is bliss for a Hip-Hop traditionalist.

Exhibit Based

 Exhibit Based is an all-time Lil B classic. He attacks the beat for Jay Electronica’s ‘Exhibit C’ with venom. Exhibit Based is one of those tracks that can be used as a ‘Lil B can actually rap’ exemplar. His flow is polished and his punchlines are on point throughout the song. Sorry Jay Electronica but the Based God fucked your beat all the way up. That Rothschild money should be comforting. “This is Exhibit Based not Exhibit C”. Fendi Facts. A real Based classic, ‘Exhibit Based’, can turn a Lil B hater into a big fan real quick.

Out The Hood

 Another early cloud classic. ‘Out The Hood’, is another song which purveys the ethereal energy which made his early music so transcendent. The song is a 1 minute 30 second soliloquy to Based World. ‘Out The Hood’ is a must listen for members of Based World who are riding the ‘cloud’. It is somewhat of a hidden gem amongst the breadth of ‘Red Flame’. 

Hugh Hefner

 “They close minded and swaggerless”. ‘Hugh Hefner’ is a mellow cooking track. His interpolation of Curren$y’s ‘Michael Knight’ hook is hilarious for those who caught the reference. A song that will raise your swag levels to new heights, ‘Hugh Hefner’, will have you feeling like the world’s biggest player. Between the shout-outs and speaking interludes, Lil B drops a solid flow over the classical beat. The ad-hoc switch between shout-outs, verses and hooks is classic Lil B. You never know what is coming next when you are bumping the Based God. 

Dark Skin

 The Dido sampling ‘Dark Skin’ is one of Lil B’s realest songs. Lil B spits facts about the struggles of being Black in America. The Based God shows just how insightful he is on ‘Dark Skin’. Often dismissed as being a purveyor of ignorance, Lil B flips the script on ‘Dark Skin’. This song is an illustration of Lil B’s totality. He gained fame from his ignorant cooking music, but he is willing to use this fame to shed light on issues in his community/country. Lil B embodies the good, the bad and the ugly. ‘Dark Skin’ is evidence of Lil B’s totality as an artist. 

New York Subway

Sampling Andrea Bocelli, ‘New York Subway’ is pure Based bliss. The opera sample, the Based God’s laid back flows and the song’s atmosphere fused together to create a real Based classic. This song, and its nostalgic bars, will have you feeling some type of way. Words can;t explain the state of clarity this song will have you in. If they ever return to Liberty City for Grand Theft Auto, then this song has to be on the soundtrack. Jay-Z and Kanye West used this beat for the mythical song ‘Living So Italian’ which was going to be on ‘Watch The Throne’. However the Kanye x Jay track remained unreleased due to sample clearance issues. ‘New York Subway’ attains legendary status based off the fact that it Jay-Z and Kanye were on the verge of using the very same beat, over a year later. Based World is always ahead of the curve. 

Like A Groupie

 Lil Boss returns to his ‘The Pack’ roots on ‘Like A Groupie’. This song is a real bopper. Straight slap music. By giving the fans something to ‘thizz’ to, Lil B shows that he hasn’t forgotten his Bay Area roots. ‘Like A Groupie’ will have the party going stupid and riding the yellow bus. Based Hyphy hours. Pop bottles and pills to this frenetic banger. 

You 4Real

 Using the same beat as ‘Yung God- Ocean Music’, ‘You 4Real’ is a heavenly experience. The classic ‘cloud’ beat and Lil B’s signature style make ‘You 4Real’ a Based gem. Another ‘cloud’/ ‘ethereal’ classic ‘You 4Real’ is another gem hidden within the ‘Red Flame’ project. Things get crazy on the last hook, as Lil B activates Usher mode and starts singing his heart out. A humorous moment that only exists within Lil B’s tracks. His ability to have the listener vibing out, then bursting out in laughter instantaneously is something that no other artist possesses. 

Based Legend

  One of Lil B’s rarest forms is displayed on ‘Based Legend’. He’s in New Orleans mode for this song. Those that have bumped Cash Money Records and No Limit Records will fully understand what Lil B is doing on ‘Based Legend’. Those that aren’t in tune with Lil B music will probably think Lil B is having a light seizure throughout the track. ‘Based Legend’ is a weird blend of parody/homage to the legendary music New Orleans created during the 90’s. The hilarity of his B.G. flow is the only reason ‘Based Legend’ is included in this list. It’s pure comedy. Chopper City in Based World.

Bitch I’m Bill Clinton

‘Bill Clinton’ is Cooking Music personified. Channel your inner misogynist and swag up your wrists to the sounds of ‘Bill Clinton’. “Condolezza Rice on my wrist and it’s lovely”, “George Bush guns and you know I want that oil”. Political Cooking Music is the best type of Cooking Music. ‘Bill Clinton’ is your quintessential cooking anthem. Your swag levels will be on the rise after bumping this. 

Die For Based

 Waka Flocka becomes the next victim of Lil B murking other artists beats. Lil B assaults ‘Hard In Da Paint’ for the Based classic ‘Die For Based’. Lil B, his Based flow and this masterpiece of an instrumental is a match made in heaven. If you need to mosh out, ‘Die For Based’ is the outlet you need. Sorry Flocka, but Lil B killed this beat. Put it in a coffin. Real Based have been bumping this classic. 

I’m Miley Cyrus

 The Cooking classics keep appearing in the second half of ‘Red Flame’. ‘I’m Miley Cyrus’ is another song which will have you whipping out your cooking proficiency. Party in The USA, the Based Way. “I look like Paris Hilton, Chain Ellen DeGeneres, Ring Mel Gibson, Chain Jessica Simpson”, might be the most Based bars of all time. ‘I’m Miley Cyrus’ is a hidden ‘Cooking’ anthem. Swag.

In closing, Red Flame is a crash course. Lil B’s multitude of styles all appear, then disappear, re-appear and fuse together throughout this marathon of project. One minute you’ll be cooking like Gordon Ramsey, the next minute you’ll be floating on the clouds of Based World and the next minute you’ll be stuck in an introspective state. Red Flame can be best described as a Based whirlwind. One that is necessary for new listeners to find out exactly what style of Lil B’s music they like the most. Throughout ‘Red Flame’ we stumble across undiscovered gems in Lil B’s discography. ‘Red Flame’ is one of the founding projects in modern underground history, without a doubt it is a bonafide ‘Underground Gem’. 


Release Date: 13 September, 2010

Runtime: 20 tracks, 79:28

Platforms: YouTube, Apple Music, Datpiff, Spotify and Soundcloud

Essential Tracks: Im Heem, Cold War, Wonton Soup, Free Lil Wayne, Paris Hilton, Mel Gibson

Much like ‘Red Flame’, ‘Blue Flame’ is an essential Lil B mixtape. We’ve collated 11 of the best tracks from the project to illustrate why ‘Blue Flame’ is an ‘Underground Gem’. One of the mixtapes which started the Based movement, ‘Blue Flame’ will forever be a staple of modern underground history. Cook up another storm, as we analyse some of the classic tracks from ‘Blue Flame’. 

Blue Flame

 ‘Blue Flame’ is the embodiment of a Lil B song. The wacky beat, off-beat flow and high energy start off the project in Based manner. Shout out to Trap-A-Holics for hosting this mixtape. ‘Blue Flame’ is the beginning of a Based barrage. The intro song immediately thrusts you into the Based hemisphere. “Wanna learn me bitch, go and read my damn new book”. The beat sounds like it could’ve been used for a Nickelodeon show. THe perfect soundscape for the Based God. ‘Blue Flame’ is Based 101. An essential track for all the Based fam out there.

Rich Ho

‘Rich Ho’ takes Lil B to a lane where he never fails to deliver. The Lex Luger type beat allows Lil B to ‘go 30’ yet again. Far from his best effort on a Lex Luger type beat, but ‘Rich Ho’ is a more than serviceable banger. A worthy addition to your workout or party playlist. ‘Rich Ho’ will have you going ‘mainy’ regardless of what you are doing. Lil B flexes on these beats like a long lost member of 1017 Bricksquad. Shoutout Frenchie.  

I’m Heem

 As mentioned in our Lil B long-read. ‘I’m Heem’ is one of Lil B’s best tracks. Indulge in the melancholic wave before it’s too late. ‘I’m Heem’ is legendary.

Cold War

 Lil B follows up the classic ‘I’m Heem’ with another classic. ‘Cold War’ is cloud rap done the right way. The Clams x Lil B combo will go down in the annals of rap history. Add ‘Cold War’ to Lil B and Clams Casino’s long list of classics. “Most of the world lives in blindness”. Brandon spits real facts throughout the track. The sample (Janelle Monae) adds to the eeriness of Clams’ sounds. ‘Blue Flame’ is considered one of Lil B’s best projects, this is because of classics such as ‘Cold War’. 


 Shit gets Hyphy on ‘BasedGod’. A mixture of ‘thizzin’ out and getting ‘crunk’, ‘BasedGod’ has the mid 2000’s sound on lock. Lil B’s raspy New Orleans flow is in full effect as well. If you’re looking for a song with the vibe of a nostalgic Lil Jon and The East Side Boyz banger then look no further than ‘BasedGod’. The Bay Area meets ATL and New Orleans on this song. ‘BasedGod’ is a display of Lil B’s versatility. He incorporated the styles of several regions flawlessly.   

Wonton Soup

 The song that started it all, ‘Wonton Soup’ shot Lil B into infamy. Not much can be said about this Based classic. ‘Wonton Soup’ is one of the most viral songs of the 2010’s. A certified classic. ‘Wonton Soup’ brought the Based movement to new heights. 

Shoot A Gun

 Lil B is thugged out and pissed off. “Never been a G to Gent, no I ain’t Riff Raff”. ‘Shoot A Gun’ is the exorcism of Lil B’s thuggery. He pours out his thugged out energy throughout the track. The tone is set in the intro to the song, as Lil B rambles over a news report about guns. He does the same in the outro. The intro and outro are two of the funniest moments on ‘Blue Flame’. These moments of comedy do not detract from ‘Shoot A Gun’. Lil B spits a bar fest over the hard-hitting beat. ‘Shoot A Gun’ is a real Based gem.  

Free Lil Wayne

B pays homage to one of the GOATs on ‘Free Lil Wayne’. Lil B is back using his pseudo-New Orleans flow over the Mannie Fresh type beat. Brandon brought that Cash Money feel back for this jawn. Lil B entering New Orleans mode is one of my favourite Lil B forms. He coulda been a member of the Hot Boys flowing like this. It’s a Based World and its still spinning. ‘Free Lil Wayne’ is one of Lil B’s best New Orleans style songs. We’re just waiting on that ‘Free BG’ now. 

Paris Hilton

 Swag! Swag! Swag! Cook up a storm to ‘Paris Hilton’. Everything is Hilton on this Cooking banger. These string of 2010 Cooking classics made Based World the behemoth it is today. Respect the Bitchmob and produce a 5 star meal to the swag-fuelled anthem ‘Paris Hilton’. It’s a simple life when your Based. Von Dutch trucker hat, I think I’m Paris Hilton! ‘Paris Hilton’ is definitely on the Mount Rushmore of underrated Cooking songs.

Mel Gibson

 Paris Hilton was the chill ‘Cooking’ song. ‘Mel Gibson’ is for when you have to aggressively whip up them meals. ‘Mel Gibson’ will have you turnt up in the kitchen. The slew of cooking songs ‘Blue Flame’ will have you preparing full course meals every night. If you ever need an injection of swag into your life then look no further than ‘Mel Gibson’. Soon you’ll have “bitches on your dick ‘cause you fuck ‘em like a actor”. ‘Blue Flame’ is another crash course in the Based multiverse. 

Blue Flame (Remix)

 Brandon gets back on his classic rap shit for ‘Blue Flame (Remix)’. A fitting way to bring the project back to reality, ‘Blue Flame (Remix)’ is real Hip-Hop. The soul sampling beat, B’s classic flow and top-tier lyricism shows listeners that Lil B is no slouch behind the mic. One moment B can be incessantly yelling swag, the next minute he can be dropping bars and knowledge that make him sound like an elite MC. Lil B on ‘Blue Flame’ is the total package. The swag and the substance alternate throughout the tape. After a slew of Cooking anthems, Lil B restores the feeling with ‘Blue Flame (Remix)’. 

In Closing, ‘Blue Flame’ is toe to toe with ‘Red Flame’ in terms of providing an all-around Lil B experience. ‘Blue Flame’ features several classic tracks. Whether you want ‘Cooking Anthems’, Real Hip-Hop, or just flat-out bizarre Based tracks, ‘Blue Flame’ has it all within its 20 tracks. ‘Blue Flame’ and its flame compatriot, ‘Red Flame’ are perfect starting points for those looking to indulge in Lil B’s discography. ‘Blue Flame’ is undoubtedly an ‘Underground Gem’. One of the most important projects of the 2010’s. It’s where the Based movement was propelled into infamy.

Stay tuned for more ‘Underground Gems’!

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