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Creator Spotlight

Do Good is well on the way to becoming a force in the creative community. Their positivity in an industry that is seemingly fuelled by negativity, Do Good takes the road less travelled when it comes to being a clothing brand. The Do Good palette is an array of clean, minimalist logo designs and screen-printed graphics which promote the brand’s distinct ideals. Established in 2015, Do Good is an OG of this new era in the clothing industry. As we enter the new year the brand is ready to blow up even bigger than before. We exchanged e-mails with the brands CEO ‘DoGoodMichael’ to gain some insight into who he is and his clothing brand. Shop Do Good here and peep some of their merch below:

Start off with the basics, What is the vision of Do Good? When was it founded? And Where are you based?

My name is Michael Johnson I’m from Springfield, Oregon and I founded Do Good officially in June of 2015. There isn’t an exact vision to Do Good. When it first started I realized that the “underground” clothing industry, actually the whole industry itself is extremely negative. I wanted to create a platform that spreads positivity and makes people happy. I make clothes for any demographic, from gangbangers to grandma’s. My vision/goal is to eventually end up being a household brand such as Polo.

Like most things that excel in the design world, the motif of Do Good is simple yet extremely effective. Is there any story behind how you came up with the name ‘Do Good’?

I was watching National Treasure one time and saw that Benjamin Franklins pen name was “Silence Dogood”. And I thought that was a cool name, then later it kind of stuck in my mind that Do Good would be a good brand name & since then it’s given me a sense of purpose. Do Good is supposed to make people feel good

Do Good is very tapped into the culture. A lot of artists such as: Starfoxlaflare, Father and Billie Eilish have been rocking Do Good at some point in their careers. How important have these cultural co-signs been to building the Do Good movement?

The co-signs I had in 2015-2016 were definitely the most important ones, it helped a bunch of new people see the brand that probably never would’ve before. I’m not very concerned about any co-signs at this point & am more focused on how to organically grow the brand. 

Throughout Do Good’s tenure you’ve dropped many iconic designs, Some of which have been illegally remade, What are some of your favorite/ most successful drops?

My favorite drops have always been the pieces that I’ve printed myself. The DIY aspect of the brand has always been the most fun, being able to draw something up yourself, then print it on a shirt and sell it is one of the most rewarding things I’ve felt.

What creatives are you rocking with today? Whether it be other clothing brands, artists, rappers or producers. 

I’ve been out of the loop for the past couple years so I’m not too familiar with many of these new artists. I’ve always been representing the underground though, only really mess with a couple brands, Cruwelf, Lordknows, Peepgame, Utmost. My friend Matt who goes by Manbaby is insane with graphics & animations. Rappers/musicians I’m rocking with; Big Baby Scumbag, Lil Xelly, Luckaleannn, Trip Dixon, Drippin so Pretty, Black Kray, of course Bones, Injury Reserve, Ouija Macc, Starfox, Adamn Killa, Wintertime, Zotiyac, KB Devaughn, Kevin Abstract, Young Lungs, Boobie Lootavelli, Lucki, and LARRY JUNE.

What would be your advice to anyone out there looking to pursue their own clothing brand?

Just do whatever you want, don’t make things that look like other peoples work. Find inspiration things other than just clothing. Make your brand have meaning & don’t be a clone of someone else.

In today’s social media fueled world where it seems that brands blow up one day and are gone the next, Do Good has stood the test of time. What is the key to longevity in such a fast moving industry?

Honestly I don’t know how I still have as many people fucking with me as I do, I have been super inconsistent the past two years and I’m just grateful to still be here. The key to longevity in this industry is consistency & dedication. 

What can fans of Do Good look forward to in the future?

A whole lot of growth & monthly drops. I have some collabs in the works & a few other tricks up my sleeve. 2020 is going to be a real good year for the brand.

Outside of Do Good and the clothing world, What are some of your other interests/pursuits?

I love basketball, video games… I play a lot of 2k, exercise & nutrition is key to living a good life. I’m not very good at it but balance is crucial when you’re your own boss, I’m still learning how to live a somewhat normal life. I’m interested in getting involved in the hemp industry, so Do Good CBD products are to come. 

Any shout outs/social media plugs?

Everyone who supports Do Good, likes, comments & shares my posts. If it weren’t for the support I have I wouldn’t be able to do this. Also all of the celebrities in the past that have helped me with my brand.

And, finally, What does your brand ‘Do Good’ represent? In other words who is ‘Do Good’ for? 

Positivity, Do Good is for anyone and everyone. I see so much negativity in the industry & brands being put into a box. I don’t want to be put into a box, I want everyone who wants to do good to wear Do Good. 

Shout out to Michael AKA Leathercrocs AKA DoGoodMichael follow him on Twitter and Instagram. Follow Do Good on Twitter and Instagram. Access their web-store here.

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