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Hip-Hop history has been filled with powerful women. Though they are extremely under-represented in the Hip-Hop atmosphere, female rappers have had a trail-blazing impact on the scene. With the rise of the post-based underground a whole new rap sub-genre was generated. This new ‘underground’ lacked a female presence. La Goony Chonga and Bootychaaain (as well as other innovators Kreayshawn and Amber London) provided this female spark in the underground. From 2013 until the present date, the Gwallah Gang, Bootychaaain and La Goony Chonga, have paved the way for the next generation of female talent. Through their eclectic style and boundary pushing music, these two creative dynamo’s have become pioneers in the underground. Their influence is often understated and underrated but the Gwallah Girls are certified stars in the underground world.

The female MC, the Femme-C, or simply the Female artist, has been heavily under-represented throughout Hip-Hop history. Despite this, there have been a handful of iconic female rappers that broke through the barriers. Icons such as : Eve, Foxy Brown and Lil Kim were the flag bearers for the Femme-C movement of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. These female acts enjoyed continued commercial success. Holistically, Women are still heavily under-represented throughout Hip-Hop history. This under-representation became glaringly obvious with the emergence of the post-Lil B internet underground. With a whole generation of people, worldwide, becoming rappers overnight. The lack of new female artists was alarming. Kreayshawn, who directed music videos for Lil B, became a viral sensation with the hit ‘Gucci Gucci’ can be considered the first female to breakthrough on the underground scene. Amber London was the first lady of the Raider Klan and her hit ‘Low MF Key’ cemented her status as a queen of the ‘unda’. Soon after the rise of Amber London and the Raider Klan, a dynamic duo would begin to establish themselves. This duo was none other than Bootychaaain and La Goony Chonga AKA the Gwallah Gang. When La Goony Chonga and Bootychaaain officially cliqued up, Amber London was a stoic part of the Raider movement and Kreayshawn had stopped making music. This left a lane wide open for the duo who would initially christen themselves as the Snobmobb. Their fans would become known as the Slutmobb. With their effervescent energy, eccentric aesthetic and based-world swag, Snobmobb AKA Gwallah Gang would breakthrough into the underground world. Their constant artistic progression has cemented Gwallah Gang as pioneers in the rap scene. In this modern day boom of female rappers, Gwallag Gang were putting in work and laying the blueprint long before the mainstream were craving female acts. This edition of LO-FI: The Magazine will tell the story of the Gwallah Gang and explain how they are one of the rap game’s biggest trend-setters. 


 Gwallah Gang have their origins bound in the annals of underground history. La Goony Chonga emerged on the scene as Twiggy Rasta Masta. Hailing from Dade County, Miami, the 305 songstress was a prominent figure of the burgeoning Floridian underground scene. After a series of features and singles, La Goony Chonga released her debut project ‘Santeria Pussy’. This debut effort is as raw and raunchy as music can get. Utilising a Three 6 Mafia inspired triplet flow and a varying array of beats, La Goony Chonga set the tone for her career and her aesthetic with her lustful rhymes. Like many artists first project, ‘Santeria Pussy’ is an extremely raw project. Despite the rawness, this mixtape does contain some gems. The tracks: ‘IDPWFB’, ‘Squaded Up Shawty’, ‘Drippin Wet’ and ‘Mermaid Lair’ illustrate her skills and willingness to experiment with different soundscapes. ‘Santeria Pussy’ is an example of an artist attempting to find their feet. LGC’s potential was on display from this initial project. Bootychaaain emerged on the scene as a videographer and a Raider Klan affiliate. Once the Snobmobb was officially formed her star would begin to glisten. 

“Entering 2014, Snobmobb AKA Gwallah Gang were two projects deep and beginning to gain momentum in the underground scene. They would continue to build upon this momentum throughout the year of 2014”

 The first official release from Snobmobb was a freestyle album entitled ‘Slutz Have Feelings 2’. As the title suggests ‘Slutz Have Feelings’ is just as abrasive as La Goony Chonga’s ‘Santeria Pussy’. ‘Slutz Have Feelings 2’ can be personified as Lil B fused with prime, Slip-N-Slide Records, Trina. The based stream-of-consciousness fused with the sexual empowerment of Trina. The debut Snobmobb tape is stream of consciousness focused on sex, drugs and tricking on men. The songs have no particular structure. The waved-out beats pair admirably with the based free-form of the rhymes. ‘Slutz Have Feelings 2’ is not for the light hearted. This mixtape is for certified based family only. Snobmobb’s debut project is living proof that Bootychaaain and La Goony Chonga were entrenched in underground culture. Their based ethos and infectious female energy immediately differentiated them in an underground that was booming at the time. ‘Slutz Have Feelings 2’ established the duo as a confident, vivacious and based collective whose raunchy aesthetic had superstar potential. ‘FanMeWitMyRaxxx’ and ‘Bootychaaain Da Song’ are essential listens from this project. 

 The release of ‘Slutz Have Feelings 2’ established LGC and Bootychaaain as based, sex-fuelled duo booming with potential. The Snobmobb would double down on this trick-heavy, raunchy aesthetic with the release of ‘FUCK YEAH! $5 MILLION’. The sophomore effort was a 7 track offering. This EP is still laden with Based flows, waved out beats and rhymes of deviant acts. Standout tracks from the tape are: ‘I Am Onna Wave’, ‘Swervin’, ‘Go’ and ‘Trippy Cup’. A visual for ‘Trippy Cup’ was released which displayed the eclectic stylings of the Snobmobb. Although the duo were in the early stages of their careers, it was evident that the duo were fearless in the pursuit of their artistic dreams and visions. Whether it was in their music, outfits or their social media, they embodied the Snobmobb lifestyle. The manner in which they acted and dressed during this era was several years ahead of its time. Their strong aesthetic coupled with their relentless portrayal of it and their heavy-based music laid the platform for the continued success of Bootychaaain and La Goony Chonga. During this era, they not only laid the platform for themselves but for the future wave of female rappers. Entering 2014, Snobmobb AKA Gwallah Gang were two projects deep and beginning to gain momentum in the underground scene. They would continue to build upon this momentum throughout the year of 2014.

 Midway through 2014, In June, Gwallah Gang would release the LP ‘Trikksquad Monopoly’. ‘Trikksquad Monopoly’ is the hallmark of the Snobmobb era. This LP was a more concerted effort than their previous ‘freestyle’ EPs. It was this album which burst Snobmobb to the wider underground scene. ‘Trikksquad Monopoly’ follows the general theme of their previous recording efforts. Heavy based flows, filled with the bible of ‘tricking’ dominate the varying soundscapes. These soundscapes range from brazen Lex Luger-esque frenzies, Vice City-like vibes, to the synth wizardry of F1LTHY and the infectious energy of New Orleans Bounce. ‘Trikksquad Monopoly’ spawned several underground hits and lowkey gems: ‘ON DA JOB’, ‘Diamond Cutz’, ‘GTGRGC’, ‘HML’, ‘TRANZZ’, and ‘STAXXX’. As is the case with Gwallah Gang’s early work, ‘Trikksquad Monopoly’ is best listened to with an open mind. The flows are experimental and the lyrics are abrasive. Once you catch the Snobmobb vibe there’s no turning back. The abrasive and experimental nature of their music is essentially a byproduct of the 2013/14 underground environment. These years can be considered the peak of the experimental post-based underground. Gwallah Gang’s first few projects personify the underground at the time. Packed to the brim with swag, aesthetic and boundary-pushing content. ‘Trikksquad Monopoly’ raised Snobmobb’s stature. Their glow would be witnessed in the years that followed. 


 2015 was a year of evolution for the Gwallah Gang. This was the year Bootychaaain and La Goony Chonga would leave their imprint on the underground scene. 2K15 is the year that the dynamic duo would establish themselves as pioneers in the game. Snobmobb’s initial trio of projects and music videos put Bootychaaain and La Goony Chonga on the map as a rare female force in the underground. A handful of classic songs and a barrier breaking, in your face aesthetic laid the platform for their upcoming ascension. The duo’s first release of 2015 was the EP ‘SKRRRICTLY 4 DA SLUTZ’. This project was the birth of the now historic partnership between Gwallah Gang and Philadelphia based producer collective, Working On Dying. ‘SKRRRICTLY 4 DA SLUTZ’ flashes the chemistry Gwallah Gang and WOD share. The artistic progression of La Goony Chonga and Bootychaaain is evident throughout the EP. ‘Make It Last’ and ‘Riskee’ are all-time classics in their respective solo discographies. This EP sees the duo drop the abrasive heavy-based flow for a more melodic style. A change which was necessary to mesh with the Tangerine Dream inspired sounds of the WOD producers. This flow switch up allowed them to catch the pocket of the various beats. ‘SKRRRICTLY 4 DA SLUTZ’ marks the first step in the evolution of the Snobmobb. With each successive project their legend was on the rise. 

 Snobmobb music would close out 2015 with the release of ‘Better Off a Shone’. ‘Better Off a Shone’ is easily the best Gwallah Gang project. Hosted by Working On Dying’s Loosieman, ‘Better Off a Shone’ is an 8 track EP littered with trunk-knocking bangers. This EP features beats from 808 Mafia and could be one of the most slept-on projects to come out of 2015. Bootychaaain’s effortless swag and legendary ad-libs are the perfect compliment for La Goony Chonga’s trickin’ triplets. This yin and yang of styles creates magic on the collaborative tracks: ‘Apparently’, ‘Do Wat I Do’, ‘RII HERE’, ‘Self’ and ‘Lotto Money’ (Which was played during SADAK’s show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week). Bankroll Chonga flexes her solo muscle on the Oogie Mane produced ‘Cash on My Hip’ and the 808 Mafia produced ‘IGSMM’. Bootychaaain champions the track ‘Entrance’ which was produced by 808 Mafia. As a total package, the 8 track EP was one of the hardest to release in 2015. ‘Better Off a Shone’ lives on as a slept on underground gem. The transformation from their based bravado, as portrayed on their first three projects, to the cash out confidence exhibited on ‘Better Off a Shone’ shows that Gwallah Gang were about to shoot off into the stratosphere. Outside of collaborative projects, La Goony Chonga and Bootychaaain would progress as solo acts throughout 2015. They would also pioneer a brand new wave in the underground community. 

 Throughout 2015, La Goony Chonga and Bootychaaain kept the Snobmobb wave strong by releasing various solo works. Some of these solo tracks have become cult classics. This ability to release solo songs and projects illustrates the solidarity of the bond between the Gwallah Gang duo. Music groups and movements are often rife with envy and jealousy. The fact that LGC and Bootychaaain could simultaneously work on group and solo projects shows that this envy is absent from their kinship. Bootychaaain released the classic singles ‘Milkshake’ and ‘Aunty Okaaay’ during this time period. ‘Milkshake’ would be remixed by an upstart Playboi Carti which brought a whole wave of attention to the Gwallah Girls. The mean girl anthem, ‘Milkshake’, is considered an undisputed classic amongst underground fans. La Goony Chonga would release a sequel to her debut project in October 2015. ‘Santeria Pussy 2’ was the official sequel to the based onslaught that was entitled ‘Santeria Pussy’. Her sophomore effort delves further into her trick-heavy universe. ‘Yucc Mouf’, ‘Cardi B’ and ‘Side Hoe’ are the perfect tracks to get you engrossed in the sex-fuelled world of La Goony Chonga. The trick-heavy triplet’s return on ‘Santeria Pussy 2’. The solo singles from Bootychaaain and the solo project from La Goony Chonga shows the maturation and evolution form the early Snobmobb era. These solo efforts also demonstrate the solidarity of the bond that the Gwallah Girls share. Progression is the word which best describes the output of Gwallah Gang in 2015. In their solo and collaborative work, the duo showed an immense amount of progression in their recording craft. They hadn’t switched styles, they simply evolved as artists. As 2015 came to a close, LGC and Bootychaaain would help pioneer a wave which would take over the underground. ‘Shyne’ season was about to commence. 

The transformation from their based bravado, as portrayed on their first three projects, to the cash out confidence exhibited on ‘Better Off a Shone’ shows that Gwallah Gang were about to shoot off into the stratosphere”

 As 2015 closed and 2016 began, Gwallah Gang played a pivotal role in the ‘Tread’ movement. Pioneered by Working on Dying, Gwallah Gang and Goth Money, the ‘Tread’ movement personifies the frenetic nature of the WOD soundscapes during late 2015 and throughout 2016. The ‘Tread’ term was coined by Bootychaaain and thus a brand new sub-genre was born. Together, WOD and Gwallah Gang would collaborate on several strip club bangers. The ‘Tread’ era produced the classic singles: ‘Cash on Me’ (La Goony Chonga), ‘Spendin’ (La Goony Chonga), ‘They on Me’ (Bootychaaain), ‘Juice’ (Bootychaaain), ‘Yellow Raincoat’ (Bootychaaain), ‘Gwallah Girl Anthem’ (Bootychaaain) and ‘Lil Ho’ (Bootychaaain). These hard hitting singles established the ‘Tread’ wave. The high BPM beats meshed perfectly with the evolved proficiency of the Gwallah Gang. The ‘Tread’ beats brought the best out of the Gwallah Girls and the Gwallah Girls brought the best out of the ‘Tread’ beats. ‘Tread’ also birthed La Goony Chonga’s own sub-genre ‘Treggaeton’. ‘Buena Y Guapa’ was the first ‘Treggaeton’ song to be released. ‘Treggaeton’ is essentially LGC rapping in Spanish over the ‘Tread’ sounds, an adaptation of Reggaeton. This bilingual dimension put La Goony Chonga in a lane of her own. She was one of the first, if not the first prominent underground figure to start rapping in another language. Embracing her Cuban roots has paid off for La Goony Chonga, as this bilingual element opened up a brand new lane for her career. Her music has evolved past ‘Tread’ and ‘Treggaeton’ but it was during this era in which she established a lane which changed her career forever. The early bilingual era spawned the hits: ‘Tengo Dinero’ (which was featured on Alexander Wang’s NYFW Show), ‘Buena Y Guapa’ and ‘Yo Se’. Gwallah Gang was undoubtedly one of the pioneers of the ‘Tread’ movement. This era may have ended on contentious terms but Gwallah Gang continued their grind to continue their shine. Throughout 2015/16, La Goony Chonga and Bootychaaain were entrenched as the dominant women on the underground scene. They were continuing to pave the way for the oncoming wave of female talent. From late 2016 to this present day, the Gwallah Gang have continued their exponential growth as solo artists. Despite the lack of a collaborative project, Gwallah Gang is stronger than ever. 

2017- 2019: THE SOLO ‘SHYNE’

 The last official Gwallah Gang release was entitled ‘Fiend’ and released during early 2017. Since this release, the Gwallah Girls have continued to grow exponentially as solo artists. The Gwallah Gang connection is still strong, The duo are just trekking different paths at this time. Currently, Bootychaaain is teasing the release of her debut tape by releasing a series of tantalising singles. ‘Kris Jenner’, ‘Citation’, ‘Icky’, ‘Hot Grease’, ‘Line Formation’ and various features have whet the appetite of every Bootychaaain fan. These singles have left fans clamouring for her to unlock her vault of unreleased classics. In today’s rap environment, Bootychaaain seems to be finally be recognised as one of the founding women in underground culture. Bootychaaain and Black Kray (who she has been dating since 2013/14) have become everyone’s ‘relationship goals’. Recently Bootychaaain and Kray toured Europe, New Zealand and were featured in an in-depth video interview with Underground Underdogs. This world tour and in-depth interview shows that the couples independent grind is paying off. Upcoming female artists Baby Sosa and Hook appear to be following in her footsteps as innovative female artists. As of 2019, Bootychaaain is rightly entrenched as an icon in the rap game. When Bootychaaain decides to unlock the vault and release ‘Evilchaaain’, or whatever she decides to name her debut solo project, Bootychaaain’s star will shine brighter than ever. The labels have been calling. Bootychaaain remains committed to the independent grind. 

 Once La Goony Chonga started rapping in Spanish, creating a hybrid of Reggaeton and Trap she opened a brand new lane in the rap game. The bilingual badasses’ star has skyrocketed ever since she added the second language to her recording arsenal. In 2019, La Goony Chonga has obtained icon status amongst the hispanic and underground communities for her classic material. Two recent visits to Spain culminated in TV appearances, live shows and a slot at the prestigious Primavera festival. These trips to Spain also allowed La Goony Chonga to strengthen her connections with artists such as : La Zowi, Tomasa Del Real and Bea Pelea. The singles: ‘Tira Tira’ (featuring Sickboyrari), ‘Pussy Poppin’ (featuring La Zowi), ‘Krazy Gloo’ and ‘Claro Que Si’ fuelled her success as a bilingual superstar. ‘Tira Tira’ was featured in Frank Ocean’s ‘blonded radio’ playlist on Apple Music. Her Reggaeton music has opened La Goony to an audience well outside her underground origins. Her album ‘DIMEN5ION’ which is exclusively produced by J Hawk Productions features Brooke Candy, Bootychaaain, Sickboyrari and Rue Maneli has just released. The singles ‘Duro 2005’ and ‘No Queres Lio’ are smash hits waiting to happen. In terms of projects, LGC dropped the Spanish album ‘Dinero’ in collaboration with Freak City LA and the English EP ‘Free Bankroll Chonga’. Simply put, La Goony Chonga has been on her grind. She recently gave birth to her firstborn son ‘Mazi’. The music video for her song ‘No Effort’ was released during her pregnancy. Long before Cardi B did the same thing. Goony and her partner Rue Maneli are another dynamic duo in the underground. Ever since the end of the ‘Tread’ era, Bootychaaain and La Goony Chonga have forged their own paths in the music game. Both of them are shining brighter than ever before. When they reunite for new music or a new project, the Gwallah Gang wave will be jurassic. The duo’s talent and work ethic is illustrated by the solo success they have enjoyed throughout this current era. Gwallah Gang is stronger than ever. They are undoubtedly pioneers in the underground rap game.

The extended Gwallah Gang family ranges from Goth Money, Rue Maneli to legendary Miami-based nail tech Krocaine. Together this extended family of creatives form a substantial wave in the creative community. As separate entities they hold their own. Together they form like Voltron. This family merges together to assist each other in their respective fields. Whether its Bootychaaain shooting a music video for Black Kray, Kray dropping a feature verse or Krocaine breaking the internet for her nail tech on La Goony Chonga. Each creative entity reciprocates their progress with eachother. The extended Gwallah Gang family adds another dimension to the La Goony Chonga and Bootychaaain story. Through their artistic proficiency they were able to form a stable of creatives that can co-exist and assist one another throughout their respective creative journeys. Together Gwallah Gang, Goth Money, Rue Maneli and Krocaine form one of the most unique and legendary waves in the creative community.

“Ever since the end of the ‘Tread’ era, Bootychaaain and La Goony Chonga have forged their own paths in the music game. Both of them are shining brighter than ever before”

 Throughout their careers, Gwallah Gang have constantly broke boundaries in the rap world. When they entered the rap game as Snobmobb, they filled the void of female energy in the underground. Through their outlandish aesthetic, stream-of-consciousness based verses and jaw dropping style, LGC and Bootychaaain set trends for every female who was hip to the underground scene. Early 2013/14 Snobmobb laid the platform for the next wave of female artists. In 2019 we are entering a new golden-age of female artistry. A golden-age which we have had to wait far too long for. With the emergence of Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion and Rico Nasty in the mainstream. Hook, Baby Sosa and Killavesi making waves in the underground, the female artists of today are trying to take charge in an industry that has made it near impossible for them to succeed in years prior. Before these new artists could break through and make their own waves: Gwallah Gang, Kreayshawn and Amber London broke the archaic barriers of the post based underground. As the years have passed Bootychaaain and La Goony Chonga have matured and progressed from the rawest artists into some of the most proficient in today’s scene. A true testament to the prodigious artistic talent of the duo. From the tricking bible of the Snobmobb era to the confident swag of the Gwallah Gang era and their respective solo success, the Gwallah Girls have always had the juice. As they continue to enscript their own legacy upon the rap game, Bootychaaain and La Goony Chonga should rightfully be remembered as pioneers in the rap game. Gwallah Gang was doing all that ‘trick’, ‘cash out’ talk before your favourite rapper knew what it was. 

 In conclusion, Gwallah Gang are true pioneers in the rap world. La Goony Chonga and Bootychaaain have put in constant work to become the artists they are today. Their humble based beginnings laid the platform for their shine in the present day. After the release of a plethora of group tapes, solo projects and singles, Gwallah Gang sits atop the family tree of new age female rappers. Bootychaaain and La Goony Chonga may be walking different paths at the moment but the spirit of the Gwallah Gang lives on. They still have style that’ll break your neck, still reppin’ the 5th dimension, and they’re still cashing out $5,000,000. Their music is a rare blend of being fashion show ready yet fit for the most ratchet of house parties. Gwallah Gang are a unique entity in a rap world which remains oversaturated with clones. Their legacy will live on through the next wave of up and coming female artists. Whether you love them or you hate them, you can’t dispute the fact that Bootychaaain and La Goony Chonga are certified legends. The $5 Million vision has been fulfilled.

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