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Pentagrvm is a true OG of the underground world. With placements from the most prominent artists in the game, he has established himself as somewhat of a super producer. His commitment to staying true to the game has led to collaborations with: Black Kray, Amber London, Kirb La Goop, Cold Hart and several other standout acts. His clean, distinct, diverse and unique sound has entrenched him as one of the great producers in this new age era. Forever low-key and on his grind, we caught up with Pentagrvm to learn more about the production wizard. Peep some of his collaborative EPs and the interview below:

Where are you from/ currently based?

I’m originally from PG County, Maryland but I moved to the Bay Area in 2016

What is the origin story of Pentgrvm? Where did you get your name from? And How did you get in to producing/ making music? 

I got my name from Gorgoroth’s 1992 EP titled “Pentagram”. When I first heard of the band, I immediately searched the internet for their discography, interviews and all that. But out of all their albums, Pentagram stood out the most to me. It’s funny because before I went by “Pentagrvm” I went by “Promethean Lord” and “Shinigami”. But I decided both those names sucked and I noticed a lotttt of people started using different variations of my names so I stuck with Pentagrvm.

I got into producing because of my homie Swizzy back from around the way lol. He put me on to FL in like 2009/2010. He showed me how to sample, how to make melodies, install plugins, ect. He knew it all. I would have him come over almost everyday in the during the summer showing him shit I made and how fast I was learning shit. He actually helped me make that “Baby Ski Mask” beat for Kray. He’s “J3” hahah. I don’t think he makes beats anymore though.

You have produced for an endless list of legends and pioneers. What are some of the gems in your production discography?

I’m not even gon hold you, I really fuck with the beats I did on my most recent projects I dropped with Cam Weathers (Slurred Disciples EP) & my other project with Supasortahuman (Stressed Out EP) . Definitely peep those tapes.

Everything about you is rare. From your online presence, to your personal style, to your enthusiasm about metal. You are the embodiment of what I feel most underground kids try to portray. What sparked your interest in Metal? And how do you stay ahead of the curve style-wise?

Just growing up in Maryland alone, you’re surrounded by so many metal/hardcore bands. You got Dying Fetus, Pig Destroyer, Visceral Disgorge, Full of Hell, Pulling Teeth, Trapped Under Ice, Stout, Turnstile… I could go on but you see my point? There’s always shows going on in the DMV area. I was definitely one of those kids with the camo shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt crowd killing at shows smh lol. As fas as style, musically, I honestly don’t feel like I’m ahead of anything, I just like what I like. 

In your opinion, who are the true legends of the underground scene?

Man listen. If it weren’t for…  in this order:

Three 6 Mafia

Gucci Mane

Soulja Boy

Chief Keef

NONE of this shit would be possible. None of it. So, salute to them. Seriously.

What is the process behind your production? Where do you draw inspiration from? and what program(s) do you use to create your beats?

I honestly don’t really have a specific “process”. I can draw inspiration from anywhere frfr. I don’t even know how to describe it. Sometimes I’ll sample shit, sometimes I’ll play my shit out or do a mixture of both, it all depends on what direction I wanna go with the song.

I use good ole FL 11.2 for everythingggggg.

What future projects do you have in store?

Me and Amber London been working on a tape since 2017. We’re adding the finishing touches on that. So be on the look out for that maybe early 2020. 

I’m working on putting together another compilation tape but that won’t be finish til mid 2020. There’s rumors of a Bootychaaain x Pentagrvm tape in the super cut that probably won’t ever come out lol. 2015 type shit. But we’ll see

How would you describe your sound to those who may be unfamiliar?

Adventurous & whimsical.

Any advice for upcoming producers looking to get on the scene? 

You don’t have to dye your hair some stupid color or get stupid face tattoos to be successful or to have a solid, loyal fan base. I didn’t have to do none of that goofy shit and I have fans all over the world. 

Don’t do shit for attention, make music because you love it and want to express it to the world.

Who’s got next up in the rap game?

Money Man go krazy

What fashion labels are you fuckin’ with at the moment?

I just be wearin’ Utmost, FTP or old band T’s from high school n shit lol. 

Outside of producing, do you pursue any other hustles/ hobbies/ interests? 

Ahhhh, lol all I can say is I do some administrative work within the cannabis industry. If I’m not making beats or doing that shit, I’m in the crib watching Star Trek or some toxic ass tv show lol.

Favorite Halo, Halo Map, and weapon? And furthermore what other games were you fuckin’ with back in the day?

Favorite Maps: Guardian, Citadel, Lockout, Blackout, Construct & Epitaph

Favorite Halo: Halo 2 

Favorite Weapon: Battle Rifle

Okay so, growing up my first system to myself was a Nintendo 64. I was really into Sub-Zero Mythologies, WWF Attitude, Wrestlemania 2000, WWF No Mercy, Mischief Makers, Bomberman 64, of course all the Mario Parties and Mario Karts, Tony Hawk Pro Skater. Then later on I got a PS2 and got introduced to the Max Payne series, all the Grand Theft Autos, Soul Reaver’s, Resident Evils, all the Devil May Cry’s, and so on. Then boom the Xbox dropped. I’ve been on all the Gears of War since lol. I gotta PS4 too. Kinda waiting on Death Stranding to drop though to use it more often, lol.

You have been on the scene since the beginning of this new-age underground, What is the key to maintaining longevity in such a trend-heavy, fast moving environment? 

Make legitimately good music.

If you could produce one project for any artist from any era, who would it be and why?

I might catch some slack for this but I wish I could’ve collaborated with Varg on Burzum’s Daudi Baldrs album. I really appreciate how that album takes you on a journey. The synths on that album are insane. He wrote/recorded that whole album while in prison. Shit’s crazy.

General thoughts on the current state of the Rap game right now?

It’s soft. It’s no longer gangsta. It’s too positive. It’s just a bunch of pop music now if you ask me.

Shout out to Pentagrvm for the interview! Be sure to peep Pentagrvm on Instagram, Twitter and Soundcloud. Peep his curated playlist above or click here!

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