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Creator Spotlight

Trip Dixon has established himself as a true creative dynamo. The Virginia product has produced for a who’s who of artists. Outside of his unique production, Trip Dixon also creates his own solo work, collaborates with stoGie club brothers and spearheads his own clothing brand ‘WORSEFORBETTER(-=+)’. A creative with wisdom beyond his years, Trip Dixon’s artistic journey isn’t fuelled by an outlandish aesthetic, instead he stays true to himself through all his creations. With his organic rise in the music world well underway, we tapped in with Trip Dixon to learn more about the prodigious artist. Trip is constantly dropping clothes, music and beats so his shine is destined to occur in the near future. Get in tune with Trip Dixon with the interview and the links provided below:

First off, introduce yourself. Where are you from? And what aspects of the creative world do you specialise in?

*trip dixon from woodbridge, virginia.

and i’m jus a being whom creates sonics n such currently.

Outside of your production and your solo music you also rep the stOGie club. Can you explain the stOGie club to those who are unfamiliar?

thats my family, four brothers type shyt.

Your production is some of the most unique sounding work out there. When did you start producing and how did you develop your sound?

i started makin beats at 15 

started from makin lex luger remakes n fake sgp n zaytoven type beats. 

but the start to makin my own “sound” was fr workin wit benz n him telling me to jus try different shyt.

i think my sound kinda jus came on its own tho fr cause i still cant really pin point it. 

its more or so a feel than a sound imo (in my opinion).

Furthermore, any advice for producers struggling to find their own sound?

be yourself, n love wat ur doing.

don’t let money ruin it. 

You have recently started the clothing brand WORSEFORBETTER(-=+). What can we expect from your expansion into the clothing medium?

i dont really like labellin’ but its more a skateboard company if anything in that realm.

i dont know wat to expect from it tho honestly. im jus enjoyin the creation of things n skatin/makin beats wit the homies n shyt in that nature.

thats what its really for

Who were some of your biggest influences during your come up?

lex luger, the neptunes, kanye west,

kid cudi, linkin park, gorillaz, crystal castles

Your solo music has been gaining momentum recently. When it comes to crafting your own music instead of producing for others, what is your process?

usually jus makin beats n fuckin around honestly. there are times i sit down n try to make something but i usually make my favorite shyt in the moment naturally. 

no thoughts. all feeling.

Who are some of your favourite artists to work with?

stOGie Club, Loser Table, Goth Money, M.I.L.F. , Pentagrvm, Wifigawd

Who do you hope to work with in the future?

ricky hil, cudi , gleesh, sickboyrari, adamn killa, bladee, alex g.

theres many i want to but these are off top.

Your online presence is very unique and organic. You don’t seem to put on a front or hide behind an aesthetic. In other words you let your art do the talking. How important is staying true to who you are?

most important thing hands down.

You also come correct on the skateboard. Who are some of your favorite skaters and skating brands?

wade desarmo, jamal smith, antwuan dixon.

i dont have any favorite brands currently fr but i love the classic icecream team n kayo corps shyt. 

bakerboys n sk8mafia too.

What can people expect from Trip Dixon in the future?

idk aha who cares fr.

What are your current thoughts on the state of the music world?

shyts cool af and lame asl to be honest.

From your music. Its clear to see your are extremely enlightened and wise beyond your years. Do you have any wisdom to share with our readers today?

educate urself on wat u want to know.

the best lessons are life’s n your own

Outside of skating and music, what are some of your other interests?

nothing fr. 

i like doodlin’ n taggin‘.

Favorite mangas?

  • bakuman
  • strawberry 100
  • ral grad 
  • neon genesis evangalion 
  • vagabond

(jus a few) 


  • bully
  • god of war
  • marc eckos gettin up
  • def jam fight for ny 
  • the warriors

i hate chosin favorites cause theres so much good shyt in the world.

Shout out to Trip Dixon for the interview. Be sure to peep him on Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud, Apple Music, Bandcamp and Spotify!

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