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The Dunk Comp collective have established themselves as the perfect platform for all basketball savants to scroll through. Whether its paying homage to the flashiest and awe-inspiring highlights of the NBA or showcasing the rare oddities of the NBA experience, Dunk Comp has you covered. Hailing from Australia, Dunk Comp has made quite the impression on basketball fans from across the globe. Their unique basketball compilations combined with Golden-Age beats make Dunk Comp the perfect remedy for your offseason blues. We had the pleasure of asking Dunk Comp a few questions, peep some of their posts and read the interview below to get in tune with Dunk Comp.

Let’s start with the basics. Who and What is Dunk Comp? Where is Dunk Comp from? And when was Dunk Comp founded?

Who: 3 aging NBA tragics & 1 very generous/talented designer girlfriend to one of said tragics.

What: A new school answer to the NBA Jam Session era.

Where: Australia.

When: Remixing the classics since 2016.

The content posted on Dunk Comp spans several eras of basketball lore. What era of basketball would be your personal favorite?

The nineties.

Speaking of content, how would you describe the Dunk Comp Instagram feed?

A mixed bag of classic & contemporary basketball video edits, magazine scans & screen shots.

Favorite NBA players?

The Anti-Stars – Nick Van Exel, Latrell Fontaine Sprewell, Sheed.

The NBA Renaissance Man – Boris Diaw. 

Point Gods that don’t believe in chest passes – Magic, Mark Jackson, Rod Strickland, J-Kidd, Ricky Rubio and Jason Williams.

Outside of basketball, what are some other passions/hobbies you pursue?

A deep appreciation for music would probably be the main one, and we’ve tried to incorporate that into our passion for hoops, which you can hear in any of our video edits.

In the post-decision NBA we see increased chaos every off-season. What are your thoughts on the current state of the NBA?

Professional basketball is a business. Within the bounds of their contractual obligations, players, like any other worker in any other industry, should seek employment in whatever organisation they believe is best for them at a point in their career.

The NBL has secured some top level recruits, ala RJ Hampton and LaMelo Ball, how do you think they will fare in the league (NBL)?

The NBL is a far tougher league than most people give it credit for, but there is no denying the ridiculous talent of both Hampton & Melo so it’s going to be all sorts of fun finding out.

Favorite NBA player to grace the NBL?

They did it back to front, but Doug Overton & Torrey Craig.

Favorite Australian hooper of all-time?

Andrew Gaze.

Ewing on the Sonics or Hakeem on the Raptors, what hurt more?

Both stung a bit, but if you ask Vlade Divac’s jaw, it was Ewing on the Sonics.

Favorite NBA squads of all time?

  • 93-94 Warriors
  • 97-98 Lakers
  • 98-02 Kings
  • 2000 Raptors
  • 00-03 Jailblazers
  • 2004 Wolves

Lauren Jackson & Sue Bird or Kobe & Shaq?

The Goat and the Bird.

Who are, in your opinion, some of the most underrated bucket-getters in NBA history?

  • Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf
  • Michael Redd
  • Alex English
  • Mark Price
  • Cuttino Mobley
  • Antawn Jamison
  • Michael Beasley

Dunk Comp is all about above-the-rim action, Favourite dunkers in league history?

  • JR Smith
  • Jason Richardson
  • Robert Pack
  • Vincent

What can we expect from the future of Dunk Comp? Any thoughts of expansion into other areas?

We actually started Dunk Comp with the idea of making t-shirts we’d want to wear, but somewhere along the way got distracted spending hours working on videos. The merchandise which channels the content is finally on its way though!

Any shout outs or social media plugs?

Liam Santamaria and Tommy Greer, David Astramskas of BallIsLife, Keith Fujimoto of Oakley&Allen/The Ringer, Neil P of Got ‘em Coach, JE Skeets, Leigh Ellis & Trey Kirby, thegrandarchives, CJ Toledano, Shift Refresh, Seb Godfrey, Adam Ballinger, Kris Brennan, Bianca Bosso, Guy Neville, Darren Barker & Mark Slocombe, Kimba Lim.

A huge thank you to Dunk Comp!

Take a look at their favorite NBA Role Players below:


  • Toni Kukoc
  • Robert Horry
  • Stacey Augmon
  • Walt Williams
  • Keon Clark
  • Kurt Thomas
  • Robert Pack
  • Antonio Daniels
  • Derrick McKey
  • Steven Adams
  • Tom Gugliotta
  • Kyle Korver
  • James Posey
  • Antonio McDyess

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