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REAL HOOPERS: Shareef Abdur-Rahim

‘Reef was too smooth With it. Revisit the career of a forgotten star in this edition of ‘Real Hoopers’.

REAL HOOPERS: Stephon Marbury

The ‘Chinese Jordan’ was the real deal in the NBA as well. He endured a career that was marred with controversy but the man they call ‘Starbury’ brought his Brooklyn swag to the association. Check out Starbury in the latest edition of ‘Real Hoopers’!

REAL HOOPERS: Latrell Sprewell

A relentless force on both ends of the court. Sprewell is a forgotten icon of the 90’s and 2000’s. Spree was one of the realest to do it. The ‘Hall of Real Hoopers’ is happy to induct such an OG.

REAL HOOPERS: Michael Finley

One of the integral pieces that transformed the Mavericks from the doldrums of the Western Conference into the model franchise they are regarded as today, Michael Finley is an underrated swingman from the late 90’s and 2000’s. He was Real Hooper with real bounce. Fin-dawg was a scoring machine. Welcome to the hall of ‘Real Hoopers’ Fin-dawg!

REAL HOOPERS: Zach Randolph

Z-Bo was an unconventional legend. He was ’bout it, bout it’ on the court and off the court. For his legendary career its only right that we induct Zach Randolph into the hall of ‘Real Hoopers’!